Peter Pan Productions that Fly from Stage to TV

Adaptation Podcast

With Pan, a new adaptation of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie, being released in theaters soon, we at Adaptation Podcast have been talking about ALL THINGS PAN. Unlike most adaptations of Peter Pan, this new film will be an origin story and prequel to the ones we know and love.

While commentating on Peter Pan (2003), three other adaptations came to mind: the 1960 production starring Mary Martin, Peter Pan Live! (2014), and Hook (1991). My article on Hook will be out shortly, but first let’s address the two televised stage productions by NBC.

Cast:                                                         1960                                                            2014

Peter PanMary MartinAllison Williams
HookCyril RitchardChristopher Walken
Mr. DarlingChristian Borle
SmeeJoe E. Marks
Wendy (Young)Maurine BaileyTaylor…

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