The Last Unicorn Cannot Be the Last Adaptation

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The Last Unicorn was a favorite childhood film of mine; maybe not THE favorite, but in the top ten. I had watched it many times over the course of my childhood, but it wasn’t until just after I graduated high school that I finally picked up the book to read.

My mind was blown. The characters filled out, the world was round, there was rhyme and reason, and the end of the book was that much more tragic, and yet happy; true sorrow and true joy, and regret. Almost immediately I realized how much better the book was, and how silly it made the film seem.

Just over a year or so ago, I acquired the Blu-ray of the film. I still had fond memories of the film and besides that, Jeff Bridges is a voice. In fact it has a pretty great cast especially with Christopher Lee as the…

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Adaptation #120: In Case of Insurgency…

Adaptation Podcast

header120The hosts are back to discuss about the film adaptation of Insurgent, the second film in the Divergent series. Listen to them talk about their likes, dislikes and concerns for the third installment.

Also check out our episodes on Divergent (book and film) and Insurgent (book).

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