Project 4 Awesome Charity Event

The Adaptation Team I am apart of has created a YouTube video as part of the Project for Awesome.

If you don’t already know…

Project for Awesome (usually abbreviated P4A) it is a community-driven charitable movement on YouTube, created by the Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green. The project has taken place in December every year since 2007. The movement was started to have YouTubers create innovative video promoting their favorite charity and upload it by a certain deadline, with the aim that their promoted charity gains more awareness, and donations from audiences.

The Foundation to Decrease World Suck is a non-profit corporation, based in Montana. It is designated as a 501(c)(3).The Foundation is the Project for Awesome’s parent organization. The Foundation was informally established on March 6, 2007, by Hank Green of the VlogBrothers, during the Brotherhood 2.0 Project. However, it was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Montana in November 2011. The IRS then designated the Foundation with 501(c) status on January 23, 2013.The key people of the Foundation include John Green, Hank Green, Mike Green, Michael Gardner, Benny Fine, Valerie Barr.

In 2011, over $71,000 was reported to have been raised by the 2011 Project. The 2012 Project for Awesome ran on December 17-18. It raised over $450,000.

~ description from Wikipedia.

Please click here to watch our video.

To check out more videos or what is happening with P4A 2013 please click here!

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