Dear fellow humans,

We are strange creatures. We are selfish by nature and although we are a large collective, we are very lonely inside ourselves. We cannot really ever put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, unless we have worn similar ones.

We judge others by our own standards, based on what we have been through. You can say you are not judgemental, but subconsciously we all are, and we do judge everyone around us. That is why you are friends with some and not others, or why you date one person over another. It may all seem ludicrous, ridiculous and whatnot, but it is truth.

Because we cannot hear others thoughts, we put thoughts in their heads, well, in our own heads. Creating a false sense of who they are and how they feel about you. There will be times when you find your thoughts correct, but the chances are slim.

Have you ever met someone who seemed to be having a completely different conversation than y because they were filling in blanks and assuming so many things? I’ve been there, and I’m sure we have all done that.

We need to try to empathise with others. At least to the point that we understand that their knowledge and experiences may not match our own. Some people have never not had a job. Some people have been out in the workforce longer and have seen gaps, or have had difficulty finding work. Some people have learned that they work better alone and in solitude, while others thrive in the company of others. Some people have seen/felt heartbreak and tragedy that others of us couldn’t even begin to imagine. And some have barely had a boo boo in their lives.

There are so many variables, reasons, possibilities, situations and probabilities that go way beyond us, stuck in our own heads with our own “life handbooks” that we wrote ourselves and are all wrong.

Next time you find yourself scoffing and judging someone for whatever it may be, just say to yourself “maybe there is a reason for that and I just don’t understand it.” It is just a good idea to keep this all in mind. Stop the arguments before they start, and just be more aware of the world around us.
I am not you, you are not them, we are not the others.